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Generosity is the heartbeat of God.  

The Bible says that the greatest commandment is to LOVE God and to LOVE your neighbor.  So we believe that we have been called to show our love for people through our works. We are convinced that based on Isaiah 58:11 generosity is the KEY to our community being TRANSFORMED.  

Transforming Community Development Corporation (CDC) is the outreach arm for Transforming Faith Church!  Why do we need a Community Development Corporation?  Because it is the most effective way for Transforming Faith Church to extend it's reach beyond ministerial opportunities by allowing us to gain corporate sponsorship! 

We offer you an opportunity to come alongside us as we show the world exactly who we are...We ARE A  GENEROUS PEOPLE!

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Thank you for your contribution. Your generosity will absolutely bless Transforming CDC and help to advance our mission and vision. 

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Hi! We are Transforming Community Development Corp (CDC)


The Transforming Community Development Corporation (CDC) is the outreach arm of Transforming Faith Church (TFC).  We were created by TFC to extend the outreach opportunities of the church.  Transforming CDC was established to live out the example of Acts 6.1-7. 

This story in the book of Acts tells the account of the Greeks bringing a complaint to the disciples about their widows who were being neglected when it was time to give the daily distribution to those in need.  This daily distribution was intended to meet the physical needs of the widows who happened to be some of the most vulnerable groups in the community at that time.  See...the disciples were busy preaching and teaching the Gospel of Jesus Christ, but inadvertently neglected some of the real needs of the community. So as a solution, the disciples chose “seven men of good reputation, full of the Holy Spirit and wisdom...” to conduct this business.

Transforming CDC is the modern day equivalent of “seven men of good reputation”.   With your help, we will do our part to address the physical needs of the people in the communities that we are called to serve.   As it was in the book of Acts with the “seven men”, with your help, we will show the love of God and neighbor through our GENEROSITY!   Join us in our mission to make a real, significant and TRANSFORMATIONAL impact in the lives of people and communities!

Ready To Be Generous?

Click the "GIVE" Tab to make your Contribution Today!

Thank you for your contribution. Your generosity will absolutely bless Transforming CDC and help to advance our mission and vision. 


We are small with a big heart, which means we cannot do this work of TRANSFORMING lives on our own.  

And we are so excited to announce the launch of the 2018-2019 Generosity Campaign.  This Campaign will have many facets and will bless many families, students and educators alike during this holiday season. We have already launched the campaign by blessing 50 families in our community with a full Thanksgiving meal (including a Turkey). The meal was boxed so that they each family could enjoy making memories as they prep their meal on Thanksgiving day!

We need your help to make this campaign a success, not for us, but for the families who will be blessed. The Generosity Campaign is organized around the holiday season when people struggle the most to provide for their families. So this Campaign is intended to lend a helping hand! We have three more components to this Campaign that we would love to have your support!

Negative Student Lunch Balance Campaign

This is focused on Elementary age students who likely don’t qualify for Free or Reduced lunches but their families still struggle to make ends meet; including paying for their children’s breakfast and lunch during school.  The goal of the campaign is to eliminate the negative student lunch balances of our elementary aged students in DeKalb County, GA who struggle with paying for their daily meals.

Christmas Bike and Toy Giveaway

This is focused on helping those families who can’t afford gifts for their children during the Christmas season. We don’t want our children to suffer because of lack during this season simply because their family may not be able to purchase gifts.  The goal of the campaign is to collect and give away 100 Bikes and over 300 individual Toys for the Christmas season.

Teachers School Supply Giveaway

This is focused on supporting our educators. So many times our educators have to spend their personal funds in order to provide the supplies and resources to educate our students and scholars. We want to offset the financial impact that this may have on their personal lives. The goal of the campaign is to help 100 educators by donating the necessary school supplies needed for their learning environments.

Ways you can contribute:

1.    Contribute financially by clicking the GIVE TAB

2.    Contribute financially via check payable to: Transforming Community Development Corporation

3.    Contribute Bikes and Toys: send email to Events@TransformingFaithChurch.com to coordinate the contribution

4.    Contribute School Supplies: send email to Events@TransformingFaithChurch.com to coordinate the contribution

Meet our staff

Lee May Executive Director


Lee came to the Atlanta area as a 17 year old teenager. After having lived in 7 different cities Lee knows that God has called him to serve this community. His life has been an amazing story of God’s grace. From CAU (Business major) to Emory University (to obtain a Masters degree in Theology) to launching a business of his own to being in politics for over 10 years, life for Lee has been all about service.


Lee is the former owner of an 8 screen movie theater. At 29 Lee was the youngest movie theater owner in the nation and only one of three movie theaters owned by an African American in the nation. In 2006, Lee entered the world of politics by running for the DeKalb County Commission in Georgia and in 2013 Lee was appointed to be the Chief Executive Officer for DeKalb County. In both positions, Lee was and still remains the youngest person in either role in the history of the County.

Lee is the son of a retired Pastor and has been entrenched in ministry almost his entire life.  While a member of one of the largest church's in the country, he was ordained as a minister and eventually an Elder (again, the youngest Elder ordained at that time). While he has pursued many different areas of passion, Lee knew deep down that there was a tug, a pull, a draw to full-time ministry.  In 2017, Pastor Lee answered that call and with his wife Robin (and a small yet powerful team), Transforming Faith Church was launched. 

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Your generosity will absolutely bless Transforming CDC and help to advance our mission and vision. Thank you in advance for your support.

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